Stars to Watch 2013: Larry Sajdak

President, Inland National Real Estate Services L.L.C.

Memorable Achievements: Sajdak’s first major task after rejoining Inland was moving 100 employees from Inland’s main corporate office into an adjacent building, which he called “baptism under fire. I got thrown in with very little experience, and it really sparked my interest and I moved on up from there.” Another big moment for Sajdak came at Retail Properties of America Inc. in 2009 working as the vice president of asset management. On a Thursday afternoon, he and two peers (along with their chief investment officer) were tasked with building valuation models for 55 properties by Monday morning in connection with a $625 million debt refinancing transaction. “It was the first time in my career that I ended up pulling a couple of all nighters. It felt like I was back in college a little bit, but we were actually able to find about $50 million in additional value for the company.”

What Others Say About Him: “Larry is extremely knowledgeable on all aspects of the business of property management,” said Tim Hutchinson, COO of The Inland Real Estate Group of Cos. “Working with Larry means he likely already has answers to the questions you come up with regarding the details of properties, their tenants or any potential challenges that you see. Going along with this are his employee management skills. He develops teams that are very nimble and responsive, and push themselves due to his example.”

—Mike Ratliff

More details on the accomplishments of CPE’s 2013 Stars to Watch appeared in the May 2013 issue.