Stars to Watch 2013: Lauren Crowley Corrinet

Vice President, CBRE Consulting Group

Memorable Achievements: Societe Generale’s 2010 move to 245 Park Ave. from 1221 Avenue of the Americas, Young & Rubicam’s 2012 sale of 285 Madison Ave. and lease at 3 Columbus Circle and this January, Harper Collins’ move from 10 E. 53rd St. to 195 Broadway.

What Others Say About Her: She “is the only person I know in years of doing this where we made a job offer on the day we met her,” recalled CEO of the tri-state region Mary Ann Tighe. Terming her a sponge for information of all types, Tighe noted that she revels in all parts of the deal and gives energy to the entire process. “Everyone respects her and wants to work with her,” Tighe added, predicting an “enormous career ahead of her.” Vice chairman Greg Tosko called her very well rounded, with a great dedication to charity work, as well as someone who is always able to relieve the tension of the deal and absorb the stress. “She’s a natural.”

Greatest Challenges: Knowledge of the market doesn’t come overnight. “Many times walking home I’ll look up at the buildings and say, ‘That one I know. … Sometimes it’s hard to learn a building until you’ve really worked on the building, worked in the building, and then you have this incredible knowledge that’s a real sort of firsthand knowledge.’ ”

Secrets to Success: Incredible mentors.

Best Advice Received: Learn the market, because there’s really no substitute for that kind of fantastic knowledge of the buildings, the landlords, the tenants. “It’s something that you keep on learning and you learn every day. … The learning just never ends.”

Advice to Others: Work hard, and learn as much as you possibly can. Every opportunity out there is a real chance to learn something new, and sometimes those things can present themselves in unusual ways. Don’t give up. And have a good time.

—Suzann D. Silverman

More details on the accomplishments of CPE’s 2013 Stars to Watch appeared in the May 2013 issue.