Stars to Watch 2015: Armand Tiberio

CPE0215_stars_Tiberio_ArmandSenior Vice President, Investments, Marcus & Millichap

What Others Say About Him: “Armand has incredible energy, knowledge and finesse,” said Howard Heitner, former COO of AIG Financial, who worked with Tiberio on the sale of more than 200 properties.”

Most Proud Of: In 2001, Tiberio joined colleagues Robert Sheppard and Spencer Hurst to launch Marcus & Millichap’s Tax Credit Group, the first national brokerage firm dedicated to serving owners of Low-Income-Housing Tax Credit properties. Today, TCG is the largest LIHTC brokerage group in the U.S., having grown from just a handful of members 10 years ago to more than 50 today. Tiberio also takes pride in the grooming of others to climb the proverbial ladder. “Financial goals are fantastic, but helping others to achieve their own career goals becomes even more rewarding. Keeping this mentality at the forefront of your day can provide so much unbelievable reward, both for your employees and you, personally.”

Secrets to Success: Determination, commitment and passion. “Inside of this, I think to be really successful, you really must love what you do.”

Greatest Challenges: Slowing down to speed up. “I had a tendency to move too quickly, which can leave others behind and cause damage to system and process.”

Best Advice Received: No matter how hard you work and how successful you become, never stop saying “thank you” to those who help you day in and day out. “I don’t do this anywhere near as much as I need to, and yet I’ve learned it can be a small gesture that can motivate and inspire so much great energy within a team and organization.”

Advice to Others: “Make sure that whatever you are doing, you are doing it for the right reason and with the right intentions. I have seen so many people fail not because they didn’t possess the intelligence or desire but because they were guided by the wrong reasons. If you figure out what others need and want, and are able to provide client services to help solve and be part of their building blocks, success will come.”

—Barbra Murray

CPE selected 17 individuals and teams as the 2015 Stars to Watch. Details on their accomplishments appear in the February 2015 issue.