Stars to Watch 2015: Mathew Crosswy

CPE0215_stars_Crosswy_MattPresident, Stonehill Strategic Capital

What Others Say About Him: “He has a sharp mind, great work ethic and works to find a balance so that both sides of a transaction can walk away with a win-win situation.  And to top it off, he is just a good person through and through. I appreciate his creativity, honesty and ability to listen to your side and then make adjustments on the fly,” noted Tim Moore, president of NT Capital/LodgeCap, who has worked with Crosswy on refinancing and equity transactions over the past six years.

Secrets to Success: His competitive spirit. A Georgia state tennis champion in high school, Crosswy is a relentless perfectionist, which can be both a blessing and a curse—he also considers the trait his greatest challenge.

Greatest Challenges: In addition to living through the last real estate downturn very early in his career, Crosswy lists “the expectations that I have for myself” as well as his impatience. “As you build a team, you want things to be perfect, and it takes time for them to get on the same page and understand your sense of urgency to get things done.”

Best Advice Received: From his father, retired Atlanta developer Milton Crosswy: “When I came out to school, everything was great, at the peak of the market, and then everything just kind of shut down. My dad stressed keeping your head up and remembering that life is a marathon, not a sprint.”

Advice to Others: “Stay focused on the here and now. Be dedicated, work hard, and put yourself forward.”

—Leah Etling

CPE selected 17 individuals and teams as the 2015 Stars to Watch. Details on their accomplishments appear in the February 2015 issue.