Stars to Watch 2015: Patrick Luther

CPE0215_stars_Luther_PatrickManaging Director, Faris Lee Investments

What Others Say About Him: When Gregg Lisciotti, principal of Lisciotti Development,  began working with Luther several years ago, after a chance meeting at ICSC, he found that, “unlike many of his peers, Patrick clearly understood my portfolio—and more specifically, the development timeline and sale process for tenants I build for—he gets it done.”

Secrets to Success: “Real estate is an incredibly psychological industry. You need to develop an understanding of who you are talking to and what is important to them. You need to be listening, not just speaking.”

Best Advice Received: Ryan Schnell, director of leasing at Pacific Castle, told him: “Don’t be an idiot broker. The industry has a poor reputation for a reason. Know your leases inside and out and act with more professionalism, organization—and follow up.”

Advice to Others: Find a mentor, develop staying power and be prepared to ride out a down market cycle. Also, “understand your personal strengths and weaknesses. If you’re weak in a certain area, either enhance it or partner with someone who has the skill set that you don’t.”

—Leah Etling

CPE selected 17 individuals and teams as the 2015 Stars to Watch. Details on their accomplishments appear in the February 2015 issue.