Stars to Watch 2015: Seth Grossman

CPE0215_stars_Grossman_SethManaging Director, Meridian Capital Group

What Others Say About Him: “Seth is smart and diligent.  He not only is aggressive and incisive when searching for lenders for a particular deal or property, but he is also relentless is battling through issues right to loan closing.” -Mark Wiesenthal, Principal, Platinum Equity. Grossman represented him as a loan broker on multiple hotel transactions.

Secrets to Success: Always having good mentors and teachers to follow. “I came out (to open the California office) completely on my own, which has worked well and turned into a great business, but everything I have done out here could not have been at all possible if not for the leadership at Meridian.”

Greatest Challenges: Staying organized and on top of time management. “We don’t get paid like lawyers by the hour, so it’s really a question of using your time effectively. You have to chase business, but you also have to service your clients. For any broker, I think using your time efficiently is a challenge.”

Advice to Others: Manage your time effectively, don’t chase dead deals, and work harder than the guy next to you. If you don’t, he’ll win the business.

—Leah Etling

CPE selected 17 individuals and teams as the 2015 Stars to Watch. Details on their accomplishments appear in the February 2015 issue.