Stars to Watch 2015: Taylor Snoddy

CPE0215_stars_Snoddy_TaylorManaging Director, Transwestern

Most Proud Of: One deal in particular that Snoddy and his team transacted last year, which  closed $3 million higher than any other broker had advised the property was worth prior to marketing. “The client’s positive feedback meant as much to me as the commission.”

Secrets to Success: Transwestern’s culture, which he said allows producers to be successful: “I work for a company that has my back and gives me the tools to grow my business.” He also credits his team: “I have an amazing team.  We have a blast working together, and I look forward to coming to the office every day. Starting my day off in the right mindset is huge.”

Greatest Challenges: Time management, and not getting caught up in the small stuff in such a hot market.

Best Advice Received: “Make hay while the sun shines. It seems like every veteran broker has told me this. It’s a twofold lesson: It teaches me to keep my head down and be focused right now, while also being humble, as a good market won’t last forever.”

Advice to Others: It’s all about hard work. “Don’t expect anything to be handed to you; you need to go get it. And be patient. During the recession, I didn’t jump ship or switch industries. I worked hard every day to put the team in position to succeed when the market turned.”

—Barbra Murray

CPE selected 17 individuals and teams as the 2015 Stars to Watch. Details on their accomplishments appear in the February 2015 issue.