Sunon Rolls Out Ergonomic Office Chairs

Sporting a contemporary look, the products are designed to provide flexibility and comfort.
Aveza chair. Image courtesy of Sunon

Sunon has rolled out new office chairs that are engineered to enhance comfort and productivity in the workplace. Designed by Italian studio Claudio Bellini, the H’UP series of chairs come with a backrest that molds itself according to the user’s spinal pattern and can be adjusted within a range of 50 millimeters, covering a 130-millimeter height difference. The H-shaped backrest, made of aluminum alloy and nylon, has a Wintex mesh that is designed to provide the lumbar spine with superior elastic support.

China-based office furniture maker Sunon has also introduced the Aveza chair, which can swivel with flexibility while maintaining control and balance. The product designed by Germany’s FormAndBranch features an ergonomic, V-shaped back with a tilt angle of 20 degrees. The seat can swing 10 degrees to the right or left and comes with an optional headrest cushion.