Superior Aluminum Introduces Series 2000 Cable Railing

The company’s new product is designed to be both durable and modern, with fittings hidden inside the posts in order to create a streamlined system.
Series 2000 cable railing
Series 2000 cable railing

Ohio-based Superior Aluminum Products, an industry leader in aluminum railings and fencing, has introduced their series 2000 cable railing system. This new railing provides modern styling with an unobstructed view, and can be custom built to customer specifications. The product works for both commercial and residential projects—interior and exterior— including public buildings, high-rises, apartments, balconies, parking decks, public walkways and backyard decks.

The series 2000 cable railing is composed of extremely strong and stretch proof stainless steel cables made from 19 strands for high tensile strength with no stretching. With the 2.5-inch square aluminum posts that can be surface mounted, side mounted or embedded into concrete, a durable, maintenance-free system is formed which, according to the manufacturer, lasts a lifetime. The fittings of the cables are hidden inside the posts in order to create a streamlined system. The top rail has a 2-inch wide gripping surface to meet federal, state and local codes.

The superior cable railing is available in any height, with standard heights of 42 inches for commercial and 36 inches for residential projects. The product meets OSHAA, ADA and ICC safety criteria, as well as local, state and federal building codes, including the American with Disabilities Act.

Image courtesy of Superior Aluminum Products