Tenants Sound Off on Office Upkeep

Office workers have a lot of opinions when it comes to office maintenance and cleaning in the workplace. Here’s what they reported liking the most and the least.
Image via Pixabay

In this month’s partnership with Kingsley Associates, office tenants shared what they like and dislike about the maintenance and cleaning in their workplaces.

“It’d be helpful to have more transparency and better communication regarding property expenditures and decision-making. If we are to share in maintenance cost, then tenants should have a say in how money is spent.” –Industrial, Los Angeles, Calif.

“The people: security, janitorial, engineers and building management are super nice and prompt to help. That makes quite a difference for tenants and also visitors.” –Office, Houston, Texas

“We’d like more transparency on the pricing for work orders processed through outside vendors and also more vendor options.” –Office, New York, N.Y.

“It’d be great if the cleaning crew offered a seasonal deep clean of offices, maybe twice a year, where we could have our folks clear junk off their surfaces and have it really dusted and vacuumed well.” –Office, Roswell, Ga.

“It’d be great to have someone replying to emails concerning suite issues. We have sent several emails (re: cleaning crew) to the property manager that have gone unanswered.  Reply to emails!” –Office, San Diego, Calif.

“The cleaning crew for the restrooms have caused multiple slipping incidents. Also, the janitor does not announce before entering women’s restroom which causes concern of privacy.” –Office, Richardson, Texas

“Janitorial services could do a better job at cleaning and replenishing bathroom items.  Not just the night crew but the afternoon crew, too.  We’d like a better way of tracking or submitting requests. Right now we just email and wonder what will happen.” –Office, Walnut Creek, Calif.

“The cleaning staff needs to thoroughly clean the restrooms, such as wipe down stalls, floors, etc. on a much more regular basis.  Thorough cleaning is what is necessary on an ongoing basis.  Restrooms should be pristine.” –Office, Miami, Fla.

“We have some very real concerns that recycling isn’t happening in this building, even though we carefully separate recyclables from trash. I’m not sure if this is a building policy or if the cleaning staff are unaware of the policy, but as of right now, all our items are thrown in trash.” –Office, Austin, Texas

“We would like a quicker response time on maintenance requests. The air conditioning units cost us more money than we should have to spend for air. The air was running 24-hours a day and we could not shut off, which affected our bill.” –Industrial, Baldwin Park, Calif.