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From the Editor: Ubiquitous Technology
Technology leaves few industries and corners of the economy untouched today. As its tools become ever more powerful and sophisticated, the Digital Age is reshaping how we live, work and play, often in subtle ways.

News Analysis: DTZ’s new ownership and plans for global expansion
Industry analysts and consultants take a favorable view of DTZ’s ownership shift from UGL Ltd. of Australia to a U.S.-based private equity consortium.

The new student housing, plus Dr. Peter Linneman on housing units and jobs, and the results of the CPE second-quarter sentiment survey.

Cover Story: Tech’s Top Towns

Technology growth markets are no longer limited to a handful of well-known hubs. While those centers remain, new markets are finding opportunity to launch and expand technology centers of their own.

Market View
Realcomm’s Howard Berger: Embracing Change

Realcomm Marketplace 2014
Top technology solution providers to commercial real estate.

Technology: Growing Pains

The impact on the job market–and how it’s affecting the demand for real estate.

Property Management: High IQs
Smart building technologies are gaining a wider footprint.

Leadership & Learning: Beyond Real Estate 101
Colleges reboot programs for a new generation of students.

Sustainability: Chain Reaction

How LEED Volume is benefiting fast-growing multi-site users.

Finance & Investment: Land Rush
Despite tough competition, LIHTC developers are finding sites in major markets.

Law & Policy: A Marriage of Words

What it means to indemnify, defend and hold harmless.