The Christ Presbyterian Church Expands in Nashville

The Christ Presbyterian Church announces a second church in Nashville.

The Christ Presbyterian Church is expanding in Nashville. The additional church CPC Intown will be located within the Scarritt Bennett Center at 1008 19th Ave.

Pastor Stacey Croft, former Campus Minister and Chaplain with Reformed University Fellowship at Vanderbilt University, will lead the new CPC Intown church. Pastor Croft and Senior Pastor Scott Sauls will be the primary Sunday morning teachers at the new location.

CPC Intown Campus Map

CPC Intown Campus Map

“Since the beginning, we have intended for the new campus to be a multi-generational, cross-cultural, neighborhood-centered expression of our church’s ministry and focus,” Sauls said in a prepared statement. “After church leadership formally agreed that a second location should be pursued, we began assessing the needs and desires of our church’s members and friends at the beginning of 2015. These early gatherings helped shape the vision for CPC Intown, while also providing guidance in the location scouting process. We are very pleased to be gathering in the Scarritt Bennett Chapel.”

Plans for the expansion of the Christ Presbyterian Church to a downtown location in Nashville have been in motion for nearly a year.

The first Nashville location of the Christ Presbyterian Church is at 2323 Old Hickory Blvd. Scarritt Bennett Center, CPC Intown’s location, is a non-profit educational center, as well as a conference and special events venue.

Image courtesy of CPC Intown