Among the great chefs of the world, it is widely believed that the success of a meal depends on the color of its ingredients. I have always believed, as well, that color is the essential ingredient to create the ideal kitchen, a playground to experiment with your tastes, your senses and your personal style without restriction.

Color provides sensation, mood and personality. The colors we choose for our kitchen reflects the way we look at life. From the passionate feelings created by a ruby-red to the soothing qualities of powder-blue, from the crispness of an acid-green to the exhilaration of corn-yellow. Color gives life to space and allows form and function to take shape. With its expressive quality and its striking appeal, I feel that space is inseparable from color.

Approaching the kitchen as a fashion statement, I am always on the watch for color trends and influences. From the runways of Paris to the auto salons of Milan…Color is everywhere and that includes the kitchen. Dark somber wood finishes of the past are now giving way to bright, bold and edgy color combinations.

We are on the leading edge of this color renaissance. Returning to the center-stage after a long hiatus, color is back with a vengeance. Evoking multi-sensory impressions, color is reaching, once again, to new heights of popularity. From the streets of New York, London, Paris, and Milan…It is safe to say that “Color is the new Black”.

Kevin Henry is a writer, speaker and industry leader as well as the Executive VP of NYLOFT.  Kevin can be reached at