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Editor’s Note: New Year’s Resolutions

This new year brings promise of further economic improvement, but as I noted last month, it brings ample challenges, as well.

News Story: Reinventing South Street Seaport

One thing is certain: South Street Seaport in Lower Manhattan will be getting a makeover.

Trend Story: Return of the Hotel Renovation

The hotel industry is undergoing a renaissance.

Cover Story: Skill Search

Hiring: Demand for Talent, with a Taste for Capital Raising and Deployment

Stars to Watch: Rising Leaders in CRE

Plenty of people land a great deal before the age of 40.

Sustainability: Water Works

Payback issues aside, rainwater harvesting systems can really collect.

Leadership & Learning: The Name Game

M&A, New Directions Place Rebranding Center Stage

Property Management: The Hurry-Up Generation

Millennial Managers Seek Challenges, Mentoring and a Fast Track

Technology: Re-Evaluating Programs

Property and Asset Management Software Advances for 2014

Finance & Investment: Slow & Steady

Capital promises to flow into commercial property this year.

Law & Policy: Owner, Beware!

When Assessors Seek Business Income Information