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Editor’s Note: Evolving E-Commerce

Internet purchases make up only about 9 percent of all retail sales, but their impact far outstrips that deceptively modest share.

News Story: Making Safety a Priority

Shopping center security has come a long way since Sept. 11, 2001.

Trend Story: Achieving Proof of Well Being

Move over, LEED certification. There’s a new industry standard on the block!

Cover Story: New Horizons

Larry Heard leads Transwestern’s growth at home and abroad.

Special Report: E-Commerce

With rapid growth in online purchases driving a need for more fulfillment accommodations, editorial director Suzann D. Silverman spoke with a variety of property and supply chain players about how the industrial real estate sector can best meet the needs of retailers, third-party logistics providers and others involved in the process.

Development: What Goes Around

Rather than a mere variation on conventional infill development, adaptive reuse has distinct practices for financing, construction, design and working with public agencies.

Sustainability: Harnessing the Wind

Small-wind turbines face shorter-term turbulence, long-term promise in CRE

Technology: Keeping Watch

For half a century, commercial property surveillance has meant a combination of cameras and guards, with some versions more effective than others.

Finance & Investment: Turning Point

There is still a long way to go, but we may have reached a turning point for construction lending.

Law & Policy: Smooth Seas Ahead?

With Congress playing nice, attention turns to Fed, GSEs, immigration and TRIA.