The Most Wanted Office Smart Tech

From cutting-edge telecommunication options to activated common spaces—here’s what office workers across the country had to say.
Image via Pixabay

In this month’s partnership with Kingsley Associates, office workers dish on which smart tech office features they think are most important for their businesses.

“Improved technology in the building conference center to include video conferencing with other locations.” –Seattle, Wash.

“Our company recruits talent that competes with the high-profile technology companies like Facebook and Google.  I think it would be great if the building common spaces felt more activated.” –Fort Worth, Texas

“The exterior lighting needs to be changed over from timers to optical sensors (for turning on/off at dusk/dawn automatically). Timers end up being inaccurate due to power outages, etc.” Orlando, Fla.

“Perhaps a more automated request for service (ie: a web portal) for such things as key replacements, badge inquiries, etc.” –Los Angeles, Calif.

“No confidence in the new thermostats…doesn’t appear to have any impact on temperature.  In this day and age of digital control, not having input/output give the appearance of nothing more than a “dummy” thermostat.” –Austin, Texas

“Would love if management would consider lighting upgrades to energy efficient LED lighting on tenant floors.” –Nashville, Tenn.

“Potentially, and I don’t know for certain if this is not already the case, but the use of real-time technology for tenant services application.” –Washington, D.C.

“Set up calendar system to view and automated reservation for the conference rooms this will help in coordinating meetings.” –Walnut Creek, Calif.

“Improved technology and online security have made it possible for us to attract the best talent, even if they live far away, because they can securely telecommute. Everyone spends some time in the office, but with an increasing number of remote workers, we can provide opportunities for various parties to enjoy spacious workspace while they are here in the office.” –Brookfield, Wis.

“Technology that supports the changing work environment, i.e. powerful connections for teleworkers.” –Seattle, Wash.