The Property Events Tenants Want

Property events can foster camaraderie among office workers and drive business at retail centers. Here’s what else tenants had to say about them.
Image via Pixabay

In this month’s partnership with Kingsley Associates, office and retail tenants share their thoughts on the kinds of property events—from socials to security trainings—that make the most impact.

“It would great to find out about events earlier – sometimes you get notice a week or more in advance and sometimes it’s the day before (or day of).” –Office, Chicago, Ill.

“I own a wine and travel club as well as an investment advisory practice, it would be nice to be able to have events in the conference rooms with wine for clients and guests after hours, upon reservation.” –Office, Overland Park, Kan.

“Having tenant-based events in the Amenity Center and not the lobby where there are distractions with guest/delivery arrivals/departures. Why not use these opportunities to have tenant mixers/building events for actual socializing in a space designated for tenants only?” –Office, Philadelphia, Pa.

“The ice cream socials and breakfasts are nice and I love how property management builds a sense of community with these events and through charity initiatives.” –Office, Berwyn, Pa.

“I’d say the various hospitality events are certainly a unique and welcome touch to the building/tenant experience! The terrace on the 4th floor is also a fantastic space.” –Office, San Francisco, Calif.

“We would enjoy more building-wide events (such as socials and security trainings/drills). Advance notice regarding changes, such as loading dock reservation or storage room access, would be improve the tenant experience.” –Office, Washington, D.C.

“Not enough space for events and big meetings.  Have to rely on close-by hotels for big meetings. Not convenient.” –Office, Atlanta, Ga.

“I love all of the events! They are great at driving business at my store and I appreciate the advanced notice so I can plan ahead and staff accordingly.” –Retail, Santa Ana, Calif.

“The tenant experience can be improved by hosting a few events or doing things to specifically help drive traffic to the less active side of the mall.” –Retail, Milford, Conn.

“The planned social events.  These events provide an opportunity to meet and get to know the other tenants in the building on a social basis.” –Office, Baltimore, Md.