To Our Readers: What’s Next for CPE’s Energy Coverage

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As part of an effort to better serve our audience and refine our offerings, CPE’s Energy Report newsletter is ceasing publication with this edition. We know energy concerns are important to effectively owning and operating commercial real estate, however—in fact, they’ve arguably never been more important. For that reason, we’ve determined that it makes more sense to provide energy-related real estate content to our broader CPE readership and make it a more intrinsic part of our content offerings.

We’ll continue to produce energy-related information that ranges from news to case studies to interviews and data analysis, and rather than limiting ourselves to the specific categories that were inherent to this newsletter, we’ll be better able to expand the reaches of our content. We’ll also be able to categorize them by business area, property type and, where pertinent, geographic location.

While you are welcome to visit our website,, at any time to peruse this content, a free subscription to the CPE Daily Update or the less frequent CPE Weekly Newsletter will provide you with the greater convenience of receiving it in your inbox. Simply click through to ensure your subscription is up-to-date.

We look forward to continuing to supply you with critical energy-related real estate information long after The Energy Report is gone. And I invite you to reach out to me directly at if there is a particular type of energy content you would like to see.

Suzann D. Silverman is CPE’s editorial director.