Top Challenges in Designing Long-Term Incentive Plans

In the third podcast of our FTI Consulting series, Manager Megan Blankemeyer reveals several factors that companies need to understand before putting together a cohesive LTI program.
Megan Blankemeyer, Manager, FTI Consulting
Megan Blankemeyer, Manager, FTI Consulting

Megan Blankemeyer, manager at FTI Consulting and member of the company’s corporate finance group in the executive compensation and corporate governance practice, touches on the most important elements of an efficient, cost-effective long-term incentive (LTI) plan.

With more than a decade of experience, Blankemeyer discusses the most complex components of compensation plans and recommends strategies that deter companies from making mistakes. She also weighs in on several factors that FTI Consulting identified as crucial when companies design their LTI programs. 

Customizing the LTI plan is vital in making sure that executives and employees are properly retained, motivated and incentivized. In this third podcast of a quarterly series, Commercial Property Executive Associate Editor Laura Calugar finds out how firms can easily identify key aspects to include in their LTI programs.

Image courtesy of FTI Consulting