Trex Unveils New Windscreen System

The post-supported glass product can handle strong wind, allowing for installation at higher altitudes, and is available in four finishes.
Ascent Windscreen System
Ascent Windscreen System

Trex Commercial Products, a national provider of engineering and manufacturing ornamental railing systems for commercial building applications, has introduced Ascent, a post-supported glass windscreen designed for commercial exterior use. The product is suitable around outdoor dining areas, balconies and pools, as it delivers unobstructed views while also diverting wind. The manufacturer is set to introduce the product to various hospitality and healthcare settings, given Ascent’s increased wind load withstand and customizable sizing.

Ascent can handle wind loads of up to 80 pounds per square foot, as much as eight times more than most commercial windscreen systems can handle. This allows for installation at much higher altitudes, such as balconies and rooftops.

Traditional glass windscreens usually require installers to lift large panes of glass and slide them in from the top of the post system. Ascent, however, uses an easy-to-install aluminum snap-fit system with concealed fasteners that does not obstruct the view. The product comes in a standard height of 6 feet, but it is completely customizable based on individual project needs. Ascent is available in four finishes, powder Coated, Painted, Kynar and Anodized.

“Ascent provides protection from distracting winds, without sacrificing the very thing that draws patrons outside in the first place—the view,” John Lewis, president & CEO of Trex Commercial Products said, in a prepared statement.

Image courtesy of Trex Commercial Products