Twitter breaks NYC plane crash news

A Twitter user on a ferry in the Hudson using an ...

A Twitter user on a ferry in the Hudson using an Iphone was one of the first to capture photos of the plane. See photo. 

Twitter if you haven't heard is a fast growing free mobile social networking and micro-blogging service that allows users to send updates via SMS, instant messaging, email. It has the potential to very powerful. Twitter beat out CNN with this information.  How this tool applies to the real estate
industry is still undefined. Using it to keep people in your network/client base updated on market information may be its best use. Getting vacancy information quickly and directly to a client that is seeking a particular space requirement. This is way faster than calling or posting on a web site. Just enter the text send and boom its out.  Because you can only type in 140 characters its considered micro blogging. This also makes it useful for sending short sound bytes.  At my firm RDM  we are working on using this as a marketing tool for clients. Anyone using Twitter for real estate out there? Please post your comments.

Peter Boritz