U.S. Firm Awarded $2.5B High-Tech Turnkey Development Contract in China

Irvine, Calif.-based Trussnet USA Development Co. has won a finance, design and build contract for the facilitation of a high-tech, mixed-use turnkey development in China. The project, which will encompass 12.9 million square feet, will cost an estimated $2.5 billion to complete.Occupying approximately 247 acres, the project will center on a state-of-the-art telecommunications plant surrounded by office space and several dormitories. Construction activity is on target to get underway next month. The contract marks one of the largest for Trussnet. Previously the company was awarded a $300 million design/build contract for a turnkey manufacturing facility in China, and it also signed a $250 million strategic development agreement to build a residential office tower and convention center in Dalian, China.China and Southeast Asia’s reputation as high-tech manufacturing hubs is only increasing. Santa Clara, Calif.-based Intel is developing a semiconductor plant on 115 acres in Saigon, Vietnam, at a cost of approximately $1 billion, and it has already commenced construction on a $2.5 billion wafer manufacturing plant in Dalian, China.Trussnet is a provider of turnkey development, manufacturing, construction management, architectural and telecommunications services. The company focuses on projects across the United States, China and Southeast Asia.