UD Details Student Housing Program

The University of Dayton is investing $17 million to upgrade housing in its student neighborhoods. The program will be carried out over the next two years and will help UD accommodate the growing student population and the strong demand for university-owned housing.

The University of Dayton will invest $17 million over the next two years to upgrade housing in its student neighborhoods. The program will help the university accommodate its growing student population and meet the demand for university-owned housing.

Plans call for a renovation of the Garden Apartments, and the construction of new infill housing and a new mixed-use facility, reported Beth Keyes, the university’s vice president for facilities and campus operations, in a statement.

The university will invest $6 million to renovate five buildings of the Garden Apartments, located on the south side of East Steward Street. The project is already underway and is expected to be completed next summer.

Also underway is the construction of eight five-bedroom houses on the east end of Stonemill Street. These homes will be certified green and offer such amenities as ceramic floors, shared living areas and washers and dryers. Next summer, UD will start work on ten more five-person homes on Kiefaber Street. All told, the university will invest $5 million in new infill housing.

The remaining $6 million will go toward the construction of the mixed-use facility on the site of the 90-year old McGinnis Center, which will be demolished. Similar in design to the Caldwell Street apartments, the facility will provide housing for 96 students.

UD’s $17 million program is expected to be completed by August 2017. During the past decade, UD has spent more than $150 million to construct and renovate more than 439 residential houses, duplexes, apartment buildings and high-density dormitories.

Photo credit: University of Dayton