Upgrades for Easier Contract Management

On April 30, the AIA released an updated version of AIA Contract Documents® software, making it better and easier to use. Guided by extensive input from hundreds of contractor, owner, architect and attorney users of AIA Contract Documents, the updated software saves time and money by offering easier project and document management and document completion. Users can now view, edit, share and manage documents using one tool and easily populate and edit contract documents using a pop-up dialog box. In addition, new Microsoft Excel® capabilities allow for quick editing and calculations, and one-click custom template creation helps users save edits to the standard document text in a form that is ready for use in the future. This new software delivers additional value, ease of use and new features that address users’ needs. This release continues the AIA’s longstanding tradition of providing documents that are easy to access and use while promoting collaboration and offering unmatched flexibility and unique, time-saving functionality and compatibility.Easier Project and Document Management. AIA software now allows users to view, select and manage projects and documents on one centralized screen. You can view both active and archived documents in one location as well as sort a list of projects based on various criteria, such as Last Modified, Last Accessed or Project Name. By centralizing all project functions in one easy-to-use location, users can quickly find projects without lengthy searching. Storing documents is also easier with the addition of new tools that allow users to create folders and subfolders within each project. Easier to Enter and Complete Documents. The new approach to entering information helps users complete required project-specific data quickly and accurately, saving time and providing an extra degree of flexibility unmatched in other standard documents software.  Users can enter information via a template that interacts with the document, so information entered into the draft is automatically recognized.  Similarly, information entered into the template automatically populates the required fields within the document. It also recognizes when project information in the document varies from the same information stored in the project record and will alert you to the discrepancy.Microsoft Excel Format for Select G-Form Drafts. AIA Contract Documents’ new software now provides a Microsoft Excel format for handling calculations in select applications and certificates for payment; continuation sheets; project applications & project certificates for payment; project application summaries and summaries of contractors’ applications for Payment. Users can quickly import information from existing forms and Excel automatically updates all values when information is entered or edited. It also automatically performs calculations, eliminating the need to manually update calculations or totals in a draft document. Additionally, users can easily edit and share copies of the Excel format document.One-Click Custom Templates CreationUsers who want to regularly reuse favorite edits, clauses and custom information from existing documents can now quickly create a custom template with one click. This new feature saves users valuable time by eliminating the need to reenter data or edit draft documents and allows users to easily reuse preferred language and edits.The new version of AIA Contract Documents software is now available for download. A demo of the new software is available at http://www.aia.org/marketingdemo.  More information about AIA Contract Documents software can be found at www.aia.org/contractdocs.  Ken Cobleigh serves as Managing Director and Counsel for AIA Contract Documents®. With the assistance of others on the contract documents team and the AIA Documents Committee, he oversees the creation and revision of the AIA’s standard form contracts, develops relationships with industry liaisons and educates construction industry stakeholders about AIA Contract Documents and the documents program.Ken Cobleigh serves as managing director & counsel for AIA Contract Documents®, overseeing the creation and revision of the AIA’s standard form contracts, developing relationships with industry liaisons and educating construction industry stakeholders about AIA Contract Documents and the documents program.