USAA RealCo Exec Retires

This executive managing director will retire from her position June 30, after serving with the company for 32 years.
Susan Wallace, USAA Real Estate

Susan Wallace, USAA Real Estate

San Antonio—After 32 years, Susan Wallace, USAA Real Estate Co.’s executive managing director, has announced she will retire from her position in the Global Investors Group on June 30.

“It has always been a goal to retire early and this seemed like a good time to take advantage of the opportunity,” Wallace told Commercial Property Executive. “I joined the company when USAA first began investing in commercial real estate and, along with others, have had an extraordinary journey helping to shape the direction of the company.”

When she first joined the company, Wallace held the position of head of acquisitions and dispositions, before transitioning to leading USAA RealCo into third-party asset management in 2000. She led the Global Investors Group until 2014, developing and managing nearly 100 relationships with clients and investors.

“The USAA Real Estate Company team members are what has made this company so successful and it has been a pleasure to work beside them,” she said. “One of our biggest accomplishments was branching out to invest on behalf of and alongside other institutional investors, as we grew and diversified the portfolio. I didn’t do this alone. It was a united effort that included everyone in the company.”

Wallace’s vision and leadership fostered the growth of USAA RealCo into a company that now oversees a $15 billion portfolio. Over the last two years, she has successfully focused on growing the firm’s client base in Europe and Asia.

“Today we have over 80 domestic and foreign investors in funds and separate accounts, in which we have also invested significant capital of our own,” Wallace said. “It has been a pure pleasure to work with these industry leaders from the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.”

Looking ahead to July 1, Wallace said she plans to be on her deck of her stateroom sipping champagne as she travels through Alaska.

“After this, I am looking forward to other challenges and opportunities, which will definitely include more travel, leisure and play time,” she said. “I feel very appreciative of my time associated with the company. The company stands for integrity and honesty and exemplifies this in the way they serve their members and treat their employees, which is why I have spent the majority of my career with them.”