USG Presents New Gypsum-Based Underlayment Solutions

The manufacturer of construction materials introduced a product line that ensures fire and sound building code compliance and qualifies for Underwriters Laboratory standards.
USG Corp.'s Durock family of products
USG Corp.’s Durock family of products

USG Corp. has launched a new series of floor preparation products. The USG Durock product portfolio includes both pourable and trowelable gypsum-based repair solutions, aimed for contractors, designers and specifiers. Gypsum-based underlayments are critical for a building’s resistance to fire and sound. They have been in use for about 40 years, as a substitute for lightweight concrete.

The Durock gypsum-based flooring products are made to comply with the Classification and Follow-Up Services of Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and are tested to meet standards such as ASTM E119 or UL 263. The building materials can be used in more than 130 fire-rated floor and ceiling assemblies, while ensuring building code compliance remains in place after use.

USG Corp. carried out several tests to ensure the new line of products can be safely used to rehabilitate or renovate damaged gypsum underlayment. The products can be used in one- or two-hour UL fire-rated designs. USG Corp.’s line of new products can also contribute to meeting the requirements for sound control, as per Section 1207 of the International Building Code (IBC).

If the exact methodology and products listed in a fire rated UL Design assembly aren’t used to build or repair that assembly, you do not have a compliant assembly. Because safety is never an afterthought at USG, we ensure that all USG Levelrock and USG Durock brands gypsum-based products are UL-classified and specified for use in the most popular fire-rated assemblies,” said Brett Fleury, product marketing manager at USG, in a prepared statement.

Photo courtesy of USG Corp.