VandlGuard Prevents Hassle of Graffiti Clean-Up

The non-toxic permanent protective coating prevents damage from commercially available spray paints and can be applied to most surfaces, from concrete to previously painted areas.


Since the days of cavemen, people have been leaving their permanent mark on walls. Today, vandalism is a crime, yet almost a given in most places and on most commercial properties. Removal is time-consuming and expensive, and according to NASDAQ, graffiti clean-up in the U.S. has grown to a $12 billion industry during the past year.

While some cities and municipalities are passing legislation that mandates how quickly graffiti must be removed, property owners are stuck with the cost and time commitment involved in graffiti clean-up. Rainguard, a company that specializes in environmentally friendly surface protection solutions, released an anti-graffiti coating system called VandlGuard. The non-toxic anti-graffiti coating technology can be applied to concrete, stucco, brick, wood, metal, plastic and painted surfaces. 

A mural in Irvine, Calif., protected from vandalism by Vandlguard.
A mural in Irvine, Calif., protected from vandalism by VandlGuard

At Rainguard, we believe in developing coatings that solve daily problems for the general consumer and for the government. Graffiti is a bad problem across our country, and costs the U.S. taxpayer approximately $18 billion a year. It’s an eyesore, illegal and something cities can easily attack if they use our VandlGuard product,” said Claude Florent, president of Rainguard Water Sealers.

The coating can easily be cleaned using high-pressure water spraying, and does not require the use of solvents in any part of the application process. The non-isocyanate formula avoids the common chemicals used in most commercial coatings that can be a major health hazard.

VandlGuard is a permanent clear coating that protects surfaces from commercially available spray paints without yellowing over time. It can be applied to vertical or horizontal exterior surfaces and can be applied in one day, with a full cure time of three to four days. 

Photos courtesy of Rainguard