Waveform Collection Offers Unique, Architectural Lighting

The manufacturer, already known for its avant-garde products, released the new range in time for the 2017 International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York.

pendant 1Commercial spaces must make an impact on visitors who walk through their doors. This is especially true for experiential spaces like restaurants/bars, entertainment venues and hospitality properties. Design is an integral part of making a property memorable, and examples like 1 Hotel Central Park’s onsite restaurant Jams and the Alexander Wang boutique in Beijing, China, demonstrate the effect of streamlined pieces in eye-catching shapes coupled with the right lighting.

pendant 2Lighting manufacturer SONNEMAN-A Way of Light, which is already known for its unique and avant-garde products, released its latest collection, Waveforms, in time to display and promote its new line at the 2017 International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York. The collection, aptly named, features a selection of curved LED sconces and pendants in variations of dome- and bell-shaped options. The dramatic sculptural pendants give a contemporary aesthetic to any space while emitting soft light through its curved shade.

The pendants and sconces are available in colors such as bright white, muted silver or gray or jet black. The collection also allows a choice of color (apricot peach or a warm golden yellow) for the underside of the shade or sconce, making it easy for designers or developers to mix and match, customizing the way the light is reflected. The bell-shaped fixture is available in either a 15-inch height and 14-inch diameter or a 25-inch height and 23 1/4-inch diameter size. The dome shape is available in dimensions of either 14 1/4 inches tall and 34 1/4 inches in diameter or 8 1/2 inches tall and 22 1/2 inches in diameter.

Designer Robert Sonneman has been at the forefront of the lighting design industry since his first designs were introduced in the 1960’s and ’70s. Sonneman cites a modern European perspective and inspirations from industrial and minimalist design as key influencers of his aesthetic.

All images courtesy of SONNEMAN-A Way of Light