On Demand Webinar: Building a Safe Environment

What Real Estate Owners and Managers Can do to Protect Against Workplace Violence and Active Shooters

Sadly, active shooter incidents have increased in frequency over the past 20 years in the U.S. and Canada, occurring in schools, places of business, venues, residences, houses of worship and more. Additionally, more common but less serious acts of violence that don’t make the news routinely create significant business disruption for companies and organizations, often adversely affecting a company’s operations, brand, and even reputation. As a property owner or building manager, not only do you have a duty to provide a safe environment for your staff, tenants, customers, and residents, but also, doing so makes good business sense. Especially with evolving attitudes and increased litigation, the regulatory, legal, and financial consequences of workplace incidents are growing larger, making the cost of being unprepared greater than ever.


Join HUB to learn how to create a comprehensive strategy to protect against violent events from occurring on your properties. As an attendee, you will gain a greater understanding of:

  • Workplace violence types and trends and their relationship to active shooter events, and what steps you can take to mitigate your risk as a property owner or manager.
  • What your responsibilities as a real estate owner or manager are to ensure a safe environment.
  • Protection, prevention and response measures and best practices, including violence prevention planning, assessing threats, emergency planning, and crisis response protocols.
  • Insurance solutions to protect against violence-related business disruptions or losses, and additional coverages to consider.



Isaac Monson, MS
Sr. Risk Consultant, Risk Services
HUB International Limited
Former Police Officer / First Responder
Chris Dunlap
VP, Risk Services
Risk Services Leader – National Real Estate Practice
HUB International Limited
James (Chip) Stuart
National Real Estate Practice Leader
HUB International Limited


Paul Rosta
Paul Rosta
Executive Editor
Commercial Property Executive

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