What You Need to Know About M&A Compensation Strategies

In the second podcast of this series, FTI Consulting Managing Director Jarret Sues touches on the challenges and opportunities that arise across all phases of mergers and acquisitions.
Jarret Sues, managing director, FTI Consulting

Jarret Sues, managing director at global business advisory firm FTI Consulting, talks to Commercial Property Executive about the ins and outs of a successful compensation strategy in connection with real estate mergers and acquisitions. 

In this second podcast of a quarterly series that FTI Consulting specialists are participating in over the next months, Sues, who holds more than a decade of experience in the field, also reveals to CPE Associate Editor Laura Calugar his thoughts regarding what trends could define M&A compensations in 2019.

Preparing for such a complex action is crucial, so maintaining a proactive approach is highly advisable. Both parts involved in M&As know that everything is negotiable, but there needs to be a starting point. Moreover, in times when unemployment is near historic lows, transparency related to the companies’ human capital is decisive to ensure a successful transition.

Image courtesy of FTI Consulting