What’s on Tenants’ Holiday Wish List?

Better communication with maintenance teams rates high with occupants, according to the latest collaboration between Kingsley Associates and CPE.

In this month’s collaboration between CPE and Kingsley Associates, tenants share what’s on their wish lists this holiday season.

“It would be good if the property manager would check in and give us more than a day or two notice when work is scheduled to be done at our building.” –Industrial, San Jose, Calif.

“I appreciate everything being included in the rent, the ability for employees to eat in the cafeteria, and ease for patients to access the lab and radiology.” –Medical Office, Richmond, Va.

“Some of the outside maintenance takes a little longer than I would like and with an aging building repair needs to continue to grow.” –Industrial, Fort Worth, Texas

“We have reoccurring monthly meetings to follow up/update each other. These work great! If something comes up outside of those meetings, both sides interact, communicate etc. to keep the lines of communication open and/or to resolve the issue.” –Office, Burlington, Vt.

“Metered parking is a negative, plus there is a lack of signage explaining the parking charges at the meter. The garage equipment is constantly under construction. The elevator and escalators are constantly under construction. Would really like for these to all be improved.” –Retail, Houston, Texas

“I used to call the property manager directly if I need special assistances rather than sending email. It normally takes 2-3 days to hear back from them, or sometimes not even hearing back if I send email requests.” –Office, San Francisco, Calif.

 “We enjoy all the events that are put on a regular basis. The operations maintenance manager does a great job of communicating with us and is a great resource to have when faced with a problem.” –Retail, Fort Worth, Texas

“There has been significant investment in building out our space so relocating would be a big decision.” –Industrial, Renton, Wash.

 “I see members of the property team on a regular basis and they know I raise any issues regularly so there isn’t really a need for them to check in with us regularly. As I mentioned in my previous comment thought more lead time and more regular updates on construction works would be appreciated.” –Office, Los Angeles, Calif.

 “The property managers are great to work with, always answer my questions, and try to help with issues that are difficult.” –Office, Washington, D.C.

 “Our security team are great and very responsive to the needs of our building. They understand that my concerns help protect their building, a valuable asset.” –Industrial, Houston, Texas