Why Hire a Drone Professional for Your Next CRE Project

When drones first appeared on the market—only a c...

By Rami Kalla, founder of Point in Time Studios

Rami_HeadshotWhen drones first appeared on the market—only a couple of years ago—there was a huge buzz. Drones allowed the average person to capture beautiful aerial shots that used to be reserved only for the Hollywood elite who had access to a helicopter and film crew. Drones have been a great game changer for a number of industries, specifically for commercial real estate and its commercial properties.

Because of drones, developers, investors and anyone else involved can easily see both around and above a commercial building and outside into the surrounding neighborhood. Drones truly provide a more magnificent view of a commercial building then what was ever possible before. This is important for the CRE industry as it gives clients a much more accurate picture of the building itself along with the surrounding area.

However, with the explosion in drone use, came tight regulations. Initially, the FAA didn’t know how to handle this new air traffic, so they required a steep list of credentials to fly. Just recently, the regulations have eased up a bit; however, there are still a number of things that commercial drone operators need to keep in mind. Here are just a few of the various regulations:

  • The pilot must always maintain line of sight of the drone
  • The drone must stay below a maximum height of 400 feet above ground level
  • The operator must hold a remote pilot airman certificate with a small UAS rating
  • The drone needs to weigh less then 55 pounds or it must be registered
  • The drone cannot fly over people

Violation of these rules can result in several thousands of dollars in fines. This is not an area where you’ll either want to DIY or hire an amateur. In addition, hiring a professional drone pilot will not only help you avoid these and many other costly fines and potential liabilities, but also ensure that you received the highest quality filming of your property. Professionals know how to capture the best angles and work in various weather conditions.

Just like any industry, you will want to see samples of the drone companies’ work to make sure they can produce the quality that you are looking for. There are many different types of drones on the market today, from consumer to professional level, you will want to speak with the drone company about your expectations and ask them what type of drone they would recommend to capture your video. Also ask for at least three references from past clients to verity the quality of service and work.

Drone cinematography is completely transforming the commercial real estate industry and if you don’t play by the rules of the game, you could be looking at heavy fines. So next time you need a drone to get the footage you want, be sure to hire a professional.

Rami Kalla is the founder of Point in Time Studios, a Phoenix-based video production studio with a specialty in Virtual Realty. He has worked with the student housing and multi-housing industry since 2003. Rami has had the privilege to work with such amazing brands as Ford, PetSmart, Coca-Cola, McDonalds, AOL and Asset Campus Housing. For more information about Rami and Point In Time Studios please visit www.PointinTimeStudios.com.