CREW President Kristin Blount: Women Making More!

A recent study revealed that in a vast majority of the biggest cities in the United States, full-time salaries of young women are on average 8% higher than men in their peer group. Unfortunately, this reverse gender gap applies only to unmarried, childless women under 30, but the news is promising, as it attributes the earnings reversal overwhelmingly to one factor: education.

As president of CREW Network (, an organization that aims to advance the success of women in the field of commercial real estate, I’m encouraged by the findings and the fact that a growing knowledge-based economy is feeding the rise in female wages.  CREW Network offers a number of professional development opportunities, as well as a university program (UCREW) that introduces and nurtures young women interested in entering the male-dominated profession of commercial real estate.

At the 2010 CREW Network Convention and Marketplace being held next month, we will be announcing our most recent survey results, which also offer encouraging data about women’s salaries. As women continue to rise in the ranks, I am proud to be a part of an association that helps facilitate their growth and success. I hope to see you in San Francisco and share all of our exciting news!

Kristin Blount is the 2010 President of CREW Network and Senior Vice President, Brokerage, at Colliers, Meredith & Grew in Boston

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