Work Perks

What kinds of services really matter to your customer? CPE and Kingsley Associates explore which services and amenities tenants really want in their office buildings.

From composting to complimentary shoe shining, CPE and Kingsley Associates find out what kinds of services tenants would like to see in their office buildings.

“The airport shuttle isn’t necessary, but if there was a tenant discount for a local shuttle service that would be much better and we would be very interested.” –Office, Lake Mary, Fla.

“We need a more affordable valet parking service, so that we can offer that for our patients without additional charge to them. We have a large volume of patients daily, so currently it isn’t affordable.” –Medical Office, Puyallup, Wash.

“I would be interested in compost services in the building, in addition to the recycling we already participate in.” –Office, Minneapolis

“While pushing initiatives to increase the quality and quantity of services provided, please maintain and improve your continuous cooperation. We place more significance on communication with building personnel than on the services themselves.” –Office, Boston

“There used to be little perks provided by the previous management company – shoe shines on Monday, on-site car wash, and on-site gas. It would be nice to reinstate those services.” –Office, Richardson, Texas

“Love the Wi-Fi and vending machines! I know that’s terrible, but they are good to have and the choices are pretty good too! Love the fitness center general availability – it’s great when you can’t make it to a class because of an extra-long conference call!” –Office, Walnut Creek, Calif.

“I would like some additional services to help with the out-of-office duties, such as an ATM, car cleaning service, and dry cleaning service.” –San Antonio, Texas

“Probably a stretch, but it would be nice to have something addressing child care. My two colleagues have young children and they’ve both struggled to find affordable child care services. I’m guessing there are other tenants who struggle with the same issue.” –Office, Minneapolis

“We are looking forward to the plans for new conference services, but I am concerned that they will not be affordable for us.” –Office, Chicago

“When one tenant asks for additional services, like painting the bathroom stall doors for example, the property team should look at the other bathrooms on all floors just to make sure that all bathroom doors are presentable and not wait until another tenant has to ask.” –Office, Carmel, Ind.

“Parking lot and elevators are full around mid-day lunchtime. Maybe the building could consider shuttle bus to remote lots or adding more valet parking staff around mid-day when parking spots are harder to come by.” –Office, New Lenox, Ill.

“We would like additional services without additional cost. For example, each tenant could be given 1-2 covered parking spaces as part of their lease so that they can assign it to leaders or clients when they visit as an added perk.” –Office, Tempe, Ariz.

“Parking is a big issue for our patients and often times causes them to be late for their appointments. Valet is a value add, however, it often times causes congestion and patients come in frustrated and stressed before their appointments.” –Medical Office, Atlanta

“We need more electric charging stations and/or a concierge to get all cars charged by end of day. We would pay extra for this.” –Office, Boston

“There are a variety of activities, vendor visits, food trucks, discount offers and life services, which we did not have often with our prior landlord. It is much appreciated and we feel appreciated.” –Office, Atlanta