Workplace Design: Where People Come First

Blitz CEO Melissa Hanley describes how her architecture and design practice takes a human-centered approach to developing environments that embody a firm's brand, company culture and visual identity.
Melissa Hanley

Melissa Hanley, co-founder, principal & CEO of Blitz—a San Francisco-based interior design and architecture firm—believes that office environments can have a profound impact on the quality of life of their occupants. This principle is at the core of Blitz’s practice, which focuses on the human experience to create healthy, flexible workspaces. In an effort to disrupt the status quo, Blitz adopts an approach unlike that of traditional architecture firms, adopting agile methodologies and open communication across a flat organizational structure. In this candid podcast, Hanley describes the workplace design strategy that has empowered her 20-person firm to transform nearly 4,000,000 square feet of workspace, from entire office buildings to complex technology campuses across the globe.

Photo courtesy of Ramin Rahimian