World’s Largest Auto Glass Manufacturing Plant Opens in Ohio

Fuyao Glass America’s automotive glass fabrication facility marks the largest Chinese investment in the history of Ohio.

by Laura Calugar

Dayton, OhioFuyao Glass America, a subsidiary of China-based Fuyao Glass Industry Group, the world’s leading manufacturing company specializing in automotive glass, recently opened its newest U.S. facility in Moraine, Ohio. Fuyao acquired approximately half of the old General Motors assembly plant in Moraine in 2014, spending $450 million to buy and remodel the property. This project ranks as the eighth largest direct foreign investment in the United States over the last decade.

Fuyao Glass America HQ
Fuyao Glass America opens world’s largest auto glass manufacturing plant in Ohio

Upon completion, the 116-acre facility will be the largest glass manufacturing plant in the world, with the capacity to produce four million automotive car sets and four million automotive replacement glass windshields every year. Currently, nearly 2,000 employees work in this factory, but Fuyao expects to hire 300 to 500 more by the end of 2017.

“We are proud of our work in Ohio, in the heart of the U.S auto corridor and are highly committed to supporting the growth of the North American automotive market. Fuyao China currently supplies around 70 percent of the Chinese auto glass market and through close work with our OEM partners, we believe we will replicate this success in North America,” Cho Tak Wong, chairman of Fuyao Glass Industry Group, said in a prepared statement.

By bringing auto glass production back to the U.S., Fuyao aims to regenerate the local Ohio community with $25 million to $30 million funneled into the economy each month.

“Building on the heritage of this facility, the support of our community and state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities, customers are already seeing the benefits from shorter development and shipping lead times. We are thrilled to receive strong support today from the wider Fuyao community and look forward to building on this foundation of innovation and success,” added John Gauthier, president of Fuyao Glass America.

Fuyao Glass America is part of Fuyao Industry Group Co. Ltd. and according to, the company has invested $1 billion in manufacturing plants across the U.S.

Image courtesy of Fuyao Glass America