WTC Chooses Mirage Networks for Agentless Security System

World Trade Center developer Silverstein Properties has contracted with Mirage Networks solution for the technology security at 7 World Trade Center. Its Network Access Controls, or NAC, has greater security, a must for sites like the World Trade Center and other financial institutions. Said Greg Stock, President and CEO of Mirage Networks, “I can’t imagine an organization more focused on security than Silverstein. We absolutely consider their deployment of Mirage a badge of honor and a testament to our capability.” Network Access Controls helps an IT department with a combination of layers of protections Typically in any space that needs to be secured, what needs protection is money and secrets. NAC guards against the sharing of illegally copyrighted materials. Notes Stock, “If any part of a network is down chasing threats …that’s money. And any technology can be compromised by computer, worms, viruses, phishing, scanning, spam and buffer overflows…Inherent in our technology is the ability to protect elevators, air-conditioning, lights…anything and everything that is on the network. In a hospital, for example, if the kidney dialysis machine sits on the network, and a worm gets into that network, it can take down the kidney machine, and a life.” The NAC system works without an agent, so there is no need to download, apply, update and manage software applications. The appliance, about as big as a hardware firewall, can be plugged in and immediately be up and running. It can be a one or two rack unit with various levels and different sets of rules, depending on the environment to be secured. The NAC system targets potential threats at various stages, including the growing problems caused by the insiders’ laptops and the pdas, the mobile endpoints that can pickup germs outside everyday. Explained Stock, “Anytime some one takes assets from work and uses it outside the premises.. that’s a big problem. [The NAC system] is similar to the airport process. There’s a combination of layers to safeguard…the ticket taker, the people who check your bags, the drug sniffing dogs, and finally the air marshals on the plane. At all the levels we have something to deter or eliminate, or protect…. If a worm or virus finally gets onto the network and starts behaving badly, we literally quarantine a strangely behaving entity. “ Mirage is a private held 7-year old company with 500 clients in 36 different countries.