YoSmart Integrates LoRa Technology in IoT Applications

With the two technologies, enterprise and commercial buildings can incorporate various IoT-connected devices under the same network. This makes monitoring easier, while also increasing energy efficiency.
YoSmart and LoRa Technology
YoSmart and LoRa Technology

As technology companies gathered at CES 2019 to showcase their new products, YoSmart had teamed up with Semtech Corp to offer a new solution to maximize efficiency aimed for large buildings. The two firms, a high-tech enterprise company focused on smart home and life products and a supplier of high-performance analog and mixed-signal semiconductors and advanced algorithms, created a new line of products for enterprise and commercial smart building Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

YoSmart’s new LoRa Technology-enabled products include thermostats, sprinkler controllers, door locks, leakage monitors, and smoke alarms. These devices connect through wireless radio frequency technology to a building’s network and allow consistent and remote monitoring to better conserve energy and predict when maintenance is necessary. LoRa Technology facilitates deploying solutions, has an exponential capacity for additional sensors and can function in high-density environments.

“YoSmart provides large buildings like campuses and hotels with flexible solutions to maximize efficiency. Semtech’s LoRa Technology provides IoT connectivity in large, dense environments where hundreds of connected devices need to be managed independently. This allows managers to make better choices, leading to more efficient energy use and lower energy costs,” John Xu, chief executive officer of YoSmart, said in a prepared statement.

Image courtesy of Semtech Corp.