Research Center - Midwest

  • Indianapolis: Full Speed Ahead

    Demand for apartments continues to be strong, thanks to the locale’s relative affordability. The city’s high-quality education system and skilled workforce attract residents and employers, propelling economic growth.

    07 July 2017 07:54
  • Detroit: Far From Singing the Blues

    After years of little multifamily supply, development is beginning to pick up, with more than 4,000 units under construction. Rents increased 4.2 percent year-over-year as of April, Yardi Matrix data shows.

    28 June 2017 08:21
  • St. Louis Gears Up

    Despite a slowly declining population, the city continues to see positive economic trends. Developers ramped up apartment deliveries in 2016, when 1,370 units came online, according to Yardi Matrix.

    27 June 2017 08:25
  • Knoxville Gives It the Old College Try

    The availability of affordable housing and favorable business costs make the area a fertile environment for new ventures. Home to the University of Tennessee, the market benefits from a steady stream of qualified professionals in some of the most promising job sectors.

    09 June 2017 09:52
  • Kansas City’s New Look

    The metro is in the midst of a transformation, growing as a financial and research center, with increased investment in infrastructure, all of which support multifamily fundamentals, Yardi Matrix data shows.

    08 June 2017 09:29
  • Nashville’s Supply Side Shines

    With strong demand fueled by robust population gains and consistent job growth, the market remains a hot ticket. Investors acquired more than $1 billion in apartments in 2016, according to Yardi Matrix.

    06 June 2017 11:00
  • Twin Cities’ Tight Quarters

    Rent growth exceeded the national average over the last year, due to steady employment gains, an increasing population and limited housing supply, as apartment completions slowed in 2016.

    20 April 2017 08:14
  • Yardi Matrix: Chicago’s Catching Up

    The city's multifamily market continues to produce steady rent gains and remains a top Midwestern destination for investors.

    20 March 2017 10:54
  • Yardi Matrix: Steady Columbus

    The metro’s multifamily market has stabilized, thanks to moderate rent increases resulting from steady employment gains and healthy population growth.

    20 February 2017 13:16
  • Yardi Matrix: Reinventing Cleveland

    Cleveland has been one of the slowest-growing metros in recent years, but while its real estate fundamentals continue to lag the rest of the country, there are signs of emerging opportunities.

    17 February 2017 10:53
  • Yardi Matrix: Indianapolis Shifts to Higher Gear

    Company expansions and relocations are boosting job growth, fueling demand for apartments and driving up rents.

    14 February 2017 10:32
  • Yardi Matrix: Steady in St. Louis

    The metro is enjoying a spell of solid employment and rent growth, which has pushed investor activity to cycle highs.

    10 February 2017 09:40
  • Yardi Matrix: Detroit, Approaching the Fast Lane?

    The city is steadily overcoming its resonant collapse and continuing its recovery from the Great Recession.

    06 February 2017 08:21
  • Yardi Matrix: Kansas City’s Revival

    The metro is straining to transform from its staid Midwestern heritage into an environment more suitable for modern urban living.

    30 January 2017 09:26
  • Yardi Matrix: Nashville’s Strong Performance

    Nashville remains a target for multifamily investors for its 18-hour city appeal, strong apartment demand, burgeoning local economy and high quality of life.

    20 January 2017 09:26