Research Center - Portland

  • Strong Development Softens Demand in Portland

    As the metro’s economy continues to thrive and the area adds residents at double the national rate, there is no shortage of large multifamily projects.

    26 July 2017 07:00
  • Portland’s Silicon Forest Continues to Grow

    Multifamily demand remains elevated, fueled by a healthy job market and an influx of young people. Oregon’s GDP grew 4.6 percent as of the third quarter of 2016, placing it in the top 10 fastest-growing states in the nation.

    25 May 2017 08:58
  • Yardi Matrix: Stabilized Portland

    Though multifamily demand remains elevated, increasing development and affordability issues have brought gains to a more sustainable level.

    26 January 2017 09:07
  • Yardi Matrix: Portland’s Promise

    Multifamily Summer Report 2016: Broad-based job growth and a constant influx of Millennials have propelled apartment rent increases in Portland to among the highest in the nation.

    08 August 2016 12:13