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  • Non-Traditional Loans: Creativity, Flexibility Fill the Gaps

    By Bradley Ross, Vice President, Calmwater Capital: Stricter bank regulations and underwriting standards have led borrowers to pursue more creative financing solutions. Here are a few examples.

    National 07 April 2016 13:36
  • Finance Column: The Non-Bankable Bridge Loan

    By Bradley Ross, Vice President, Calmwater Capital: If you meet the criteria, there are a number of bridge lenders that would like to buy you lunch.

    National 03 November 2015 15:12
  • Milpitas Refi Points To Industrial Surge

    Even if you had no knowledge of the fact that Milpitas is set to have a growing industrial market, you’d get a hint from the fact that Stephens & Stephens, LLC is refinancing a Class B R&D asset it owns in the area. The Milpitas R&D market’s has been dipping in terms of availability rates and vacancy number over the past few quarters. Colliers International noted that industrial activity in the sector was accelerated during the first quarter, besting last year’s fourth quarter numbers fivefold.

    San Francisco 22 June 2015 01:39
  • Karlin Real Estate Gives Birth to Calmwater Capital

    Calmwater Capital wants to be its own independent investment firm.

    National 05 May 2015 13:37