• Demand for CRE Loans Increases in Q3

    Regarding loans to businesses, the October survey results indicated that banks reported having eased some loan terms, such as spreads and loan maturities, but they also said that they increased premiums charged on riskier loans.

    04 November 2015 17:14
  • Reform, Interrupted

    For a moment in the spring when the Johnson-Crapo bill moved, GSE reform may have seemed, finally, possible. Many in the industry now agree, however, that the likelihood of any action has come to a halt.

    National 10 November 2014 18:45
  • Employment, Seniors Housing Builders, GSEs

    The U.S. economy created 214,000 jobs in October. Builder confidence in the seniors housing market was up again in the third quarter. Freddie Mac has “drawn” $71.3 billion from the Treasury.

    National 07 November 2014 14:58
  • Brokers Speak the Truth

    By Mark Scott, Founder & President, Commercial Mortgage Capital: Bankers, beware— when the broker says he has a better deal than the one you quoted, issued an application or even committed on, take heed.

    National 04 November 2014 22:02
  • Extended Unemployment Benefits Lapse; Freddie Mac Delinquency Rate Still Dropping

    Extended unemployment benefits expired over the weekend and wasn't extended as part of the budget deal passed by Congress a few weeks ago and signed into law by President Obama on Friday. Freddie Mac's single-family serious delinquency rate dropped to 2.4 percent in November from 2.5 percent in October.

    National 30 December 2013 16:38
  • GSE Delinquencies, Eurozone Unemployment Drop; Most States Turn in Stronger Coincident Indexes

    The serious delinquency rate for mortgages owned or controlled by the GSE is down from 3.35 percent in October 2012, and now stands at its lowest level since December 2008. Over the past three months, coincident indexes increased in 45 states and decreased in five. And the eurozone saw its aggregate unemployment rate drop by 0.1 percent month over month.

    National 02 December 2013 14:54
  • DC Falls in Investors’ Eyes

    The 2014 Emerging Trends in Real Estate report contained few surprises, but traditionally durable Washington, D.C.’s drop to No. 22 in the ranking of cities with the best investment activity speaks volumes about the uncertainty the federal government has produced.

    Washington Dc 08 November 2013 15:16

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