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  • How Instability Can Create Stability

    By Ken Riggs, President, Situs RERC: Why commercial real estate remains attractive to investors, even in times of economic uncertainty.

    National 21 September 2016 18:32
  • Another New Normal

    By Ken Riggs, President, Situs RERC: As uncertainty continues in the global markets, investors will have to get used to managing through the uneven nature of the economy.

    National 15 June 2016 15:51
  • Real Estate on Solid Footing—for Now

    By Ken Riggs, President, Situs RERC: While prices are expected to level off this year, there's still reason to believe it's a good time to invest in commercial property.

    National 16 March 2016 19:03
  • Report Says Crosscurrents Won’t Bring CRE Down

    Situs RERC, Deloitte and NAR's latest report discusses how the CRE industry will fare in 2016 amid mixed messages for the U.S. economy.

    National 08 February 2016 19:17
  • Is CRE On the Rise?

    Will rising long-term interest rates spoil the environment of progressive CRE growth?

    National 04 March 2015 22:18
  • A Risk-On State of Mind

    By Ken Riggs, President & CEO, RERC: What’s a mind to think? Despite the 1 percent contraction in economic growth in the first quarter of 2014, which the markets have generally sloughed off, the net worth of U.S. citizens has never been higher.

    National 18 June 2014 19:46
  • Politics & CRE Sales (Déjà Vu)

    By Kenneth P. Riggs Jr., Chairman & President, Real Estate Research Corp.: The failure of Congress and the administration to reach a budget agreement before Oct. 1, the possibility that the debt ceiling will not be raised before the nation is unable to pay its obligations, and the huge swings in the stock and bond markets are all too familiar.

    National 16 October 2013 18:46

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