Marcelo Bermudez

  • Looking for the Right Economic Indicators: Is It Time to Bunt or Steal?

    By Marcelo Bermúdez, President, Figueroa Capital Group, a subsidiary of the Charles Dunn Co.

    There are several signs in the economy telling us what to do, and we’re all looking for the right indicator to make great decisions in the ballgame.

    National 04 April 2012 20:00
  • Bringing Lazarus Projects Back to Life

    By Marcelo Bermúdez, President, Figueroa Capital Group, a subsidiary of Charles Dunn Co.

    If you’re sitting on a stalled contract, letting go of old assumptions and dreams can mean the resurrection of your Lazarus project sooner than you think – but you need to make the right adjustments.

    National 07 March 2012 20:48
  • Swapping Out the Best Rates to Reduce Risk

    By Marcelo Bermúdez, President, Figueroa Capital Group Inc., a subsidiary of Charles Dunn Co.

    When choosing your financing vehicle, it’s advantageous to consider swap rates to hedge against a portfolio’s floating-rate risk.

    National 08 February 2012 20:41

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