National Association of Real Estate Editors

  • Hines’ Johnson Outlines New Development Preferences

    Expect some changes as the commercial real estate development market heats up, Hines vice chairman C. Hastings Johnson told the audience at the NAREE conference in Houston.

    International 26 June 2014 00:48
  • NAREE Houston Slideshow

    If you haven’t heard, Houston is booming. The pipeline for both commercial and residential development is running full, and CPE got to tour a few sites while we were in town for NAREE’s 48th Annual Real Estate Journalism Conference this June.

    National 23 June 2014 20:52
  • The Commercial Real Estate Rundown

    The office and industrial sectors are looking strong in the near term thanks to an economy that is encouraging diversity via an expanding tenant base.

    National 18 June 2014 20:04
  • Retail Recovery Remains Delayed

    Don't expect the retail sector to recover just yet. Coming off of a pre-recession to recovery period that is the longest since World War II, it won't be back to health before 2016 or even 2017, according to Naveen Jaggi.

    National 16 June 2014 04:17
  • Will Demand Keep Up with Apartment Supply?

    A panel of multi-family experts gathered on Wednesday at the National Association of Real Estate Editors (NAREE) Spring Conference to present on the current trends of the ever-evolving apartment industry.

    National 12 June 2014 19:43
  • Healthy Communities for the 21st Century

    A discussion on Wednesday at the National Association of Real Estate Editors (NAREE) Spring Conference in Houston highlighted why creating happy and healthy spaces can also help keep a cheery bottom line.

    Houston 11 June 2014 21:52
  • Kelly Ranks Top 10 Issues for RE

    Hugh Kelly, chair of The Counselors of Real Estate, offered the organization's annual list of the top 10 issues affecting real estate as the opening speaker for the National Association of Real Estate Editors' 48th annual Real Estate Journalism Conference in Houston.

    Houston 11 June 2014 18:41

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